Bartal, Chailin


Str 14 End 13 Dex 11 Agl 11 Spd 10 Eye 12 Hrg 11 Smt 09 Tch 08 Voi 11 Int 14 Aur 12 Wil 12

Init 57 Mob 50 Dodge 55

Eye: brown Hair: black Comeliness: 10


Male, Age 28

Noble, loyal to king Tiridates. Has a house in Shadizar. Once employed Fingal and Roxanna for a short period of time. Was betrayed by them when the Crown of Dagoth was stolen from the king’s palace. Allied himself with princess Taramis and send bountyhunters to kill/capture Fingal and Roxanna.

Bartal, Chailin

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