The New Lords of The Zhemri

13. The Gate of Infinity

Before the characters head east towards Zamboula, they embark on mission to find Ajarharr, the Vendhyan thief who stole the Bloodstone of Bel-Hissar from them (adventure 8). Some times earlier, they have received information from Jalek that Ajarharr is rumoured to be staying in a certain city state in Corinthia.

Characters travel to Corinthia and enter the city state. The city has, led by king Murilo, just recently won a decicive victory in a war against her neighboring state. Characters soon learn that a priest of Noth named Skardas was the mastermind behind the victory and for this reason Murilo is in debt for him. The cultists of Noth preach the end of the world on the streets and at the same time sell religious goods like The Purifiying Water of Dhool. The citizens consider the cultists as mostly harmless people who occasionally feed the poor and maintain their temple one mile to the north of the city. The cultists use a greeting Dhool-Yog! It is also rumoured that a gateway to paradise lies in the center of the Noth’s temple. Those who learn and stay true to the teachings of Skardas are lead through the gate into a better life… a paradise! Also, it is rumoured that Murilo will soon make Skardas the ruler of the newly conquered city.

Some information gathering done among the mercenaries and citizens give a hint that a man who resembles Ajarharr is in the service of the temple of Noth – The Gateway to Wisdom And Infinity, and that the guards are led by a Nemedian called Orestes Galvus and a Corinthian named Alexander. After that Roxanna sneaks into the temple’s guard room and using a soap succeeds in making molds of some keys. Rest of the day and the following night are spent looking for a discreet lockcrafter who prepares the keys for the characters.

Next night the characters sneak into the temple. The low wall is easy to climb. The domed building located on the northern part of the compound is entered after some lock picking. Echoes on the halls and corridors tell that some kind of ceremony is taking place in the eastern parts of the temple. Characters decide to head west, towards the main temple where the recently acquired key is used to open the locked doors.

From the main temple upper floor the characters have a clear view into the lower hall. And it seems they have found what they were looking for; The Bloodstone of Bel-Hissar. The gem is detached into an enormous mirror that stands in a place where the altar would normally be located.

Characters decide to search the upper level before descending into the lower level. From the upper floor they find residential chambers but only litte loot. When they are leaving, a group of enemies enter the second floor’s hall and a battle begins! Characters are facing Orestes, Ajarharr (disguised as a Stygian), and a guard soldier. The guard soldier’s head is quickly lopped off and as it rolls around floor, the characters charge towards the enemy!

Ajarhar is hit in the chest by Fingal’s sword, and being unarmoured, he is immediately knocked out. Orestes just ain’t that easy victim…He is extremely mobile and agile. He fights with great skill and hits Fingal straight into nose with his greatsword. The barbarian is nearly felled. Blood is flying everywhere. Now, badly wounded, Fingal enters his fighting madness and decides to fight mercilessly to the bitter end… Petro and Fingal exchange sword strikes with Orestes. Steel strikes against steel. It is possible that Fingal has met his match now. Roxanna sees an priestess coming into the corridor. She pursues the priestess and knocks her out before she can raise the alarm. All is well… except that the pet jaguar of the priestess, who was waiting in the lower level, does not like what Roxanna has done to his mistress. The beast roars and leaps towards the rogue. Desperate counterstrike is not what the animal was expecting. Roxanna’s scimitar opens his side and the cat falls on the floor… together with his blood and guts!

The battle still continues in the upper corridor. Behind the combatants backs, Ajarharr recovers and surprises Fingal with his loathsome weapon (2 poisonous snakes hidden under his robe…). First snake hits Fingal’s ear, but the bite is deflected by his helmet. The second snake fails to penetrate the barbarian’s shoulder armour. Finally, Fingal slashes the rogue with his flamberge and kills him with a neat cut to abdomen. Soon afterwards, Orestes is wounded to his arm and is then slain by Petro and Fingal.

Having now cleared the main temple, characters move back to the main hall and approach the sinister looking mirror. When given a closer look the mirror’s surface seems to be made of some sort of silvery liquid. The whole place bathes in red light radiating from the Bloodstone.

When Fingal removes the gem from the socket, a mighty earthquake hits the area! Parts of the tower and the upper floors of the temple collapse and the liquid substance, that was the mirror’s surface, is spewn across the temple. Then, from the smoke, dust and devastation, a mighty demon rises.

The demon is huge, it has thick black scaly hide, black claws, long powerful tail and eyes that burn red with hatred. When it opens it’s jaw, rows of sharp black teeth are revealed. The terror stands before the characters who are nearly stunned unconscious by the monstrosity’s wickedness and inhumanity. It attacks without hesitation and characters see that they cannot outran it.

A desperate battle is fought. The demon bites Petro on face, delivering a grievous wound. It also bites, slashes with its black claws, and stomps on Fingal. The warriors hack the demon desperately with their swords, while Roxanna throws daggers from a safer distance. Finally, after a long battle, the demons falls crashing to the ground. Petro’ bleeding wound is hastily bandaged before the group takes advantage of the chaotic situation and exit the temple grounds.

12. Vengeance of The Spider God

Cyril Valende still hungers for revenge and together with his brother Zior he plots to kill Marcel. Zior is a priest of Zath and sneds his subordinate priest, Halith to kill the prince. Halith is accompanied with a mighty giant spider. The spider makes its surprise attack when Marcel is enjoying the comforts of his hunting lodge high in the mountains. Fingal and Roxanna slay the monster but it manages to bite Roxanna. She barely survives. Later Fingal and Petro track Halith and catch him high in a mountains path. A heroic battle is fought on the cliffside with the pale moon and cold stars as witnessess. The priest hypnotises Petro who, following Halith’s commands, jumps off the cliff. The 60 ft fall nearly kills him. Then the priest dies a painful death in the hands of Fingal who uses his unarmed combat skills and literally breaks the bones of the zathite and smashes his face on the mountain side. He leaves the priest to rot there and climbs down the wall to fetch Petro.

Marcel commands the characters to go and kill Cyril and Zior. Fingal, Petro, Roxanna, and one archer reinforcement mask themselves as hillmen and strike against the enemy. They enter the enemy town in the cover of darkness and find out that Zior and Halith are in the local temple of Zath. The characters interrupt the ceremony by attacking from all sides. Zior, Cyril, all the guards and a large number of the congregation are slain. No mercy is given and all are put to the sword… or so they think. The characters leave the scene of destruction not knowing that one of the temple’s flutist of survived the attack. He was lying still and feigning dead in the pile corpses.

Soon it becomes clear that Marcel has some ambitious and dangerous plans. He wants to hire the characters to go and spy in Zamboula. This suits the characters well, since they are heading east in any case…

11. Ruins of Arkhanon

Once again characters are in Shadizar. This time they hunt the second volume of the ancient Book of The Zhemri. It is a leather bound tome written in some archaic language. Within it’s bloodstained pages is revealed the location of Arkhanon, a ruin dating back to the ancient realm of the Zhemri… Marcel Felishnar wants to send an expedition to the ruins to seek the legendady Staff of Zhemri.

Characters go through some minor adventures in Shadizar. Among these is saving Alissa (see adventure 1) from the slave block. The poor girl’s father has turned his back on Mitra and to finance his new shrine to Zath, he has sold Alissa into slavery.

((fragmented scroll here)

After these encounters, characters come into possession of the Book of The Zhemri and return to Zamatra. Marcel reads it and finds clues regarding the Arkhanon’s location. Fingal, Roxanna and Petro (a new adventurer) are sent high into the mountains. After many days of travelling in the wilderness, as they are getting close to the ruins, the camp is attacked by a huge sabretooth tiger. The monster nearly bites Petro’s head off before it is killed.

Several days later, characters find the ruins and start to explore them. They encounter a mighty man-ape and slay it. Then they discover many layers of ruins and follow dark and damp passages deep into the mountain. A lair of ferocious 18 feet long lizard is found. The monster is killed and two enormous eggs are found. The eggs are eaten and discovered delicious…. Nourished, the characters continue deeper into the tunnels and halls.

Later they are attacked by entire tribe of gigantic ape-men. Furious melee is fought and the poison accrued in The Tower of The Elephant adventure comes handy again. Several apes are killed by it and the enemy flees. Later another battle is fought and this time the apes hurl rocks and manage to wound the characters before the king of the apes clashes with Fingal. Fingal enters his berserker fury and fights fiercely. The ape-king’s arm is nearly amputated and soon Fingal finishes him off. What remains of the tribe flee into the mountains.

Yet another tunnel is found. This one leads to a bridge. Character cross the bridge and find a tomb. A sargophagi is opened and the staff is removed from the hands of an ancient skeleton. In the tomb they find an badly damaged painting depicting a priestess or goddess. Despite being in extremely poor condition, the figure in the painting still bears some vague resemblance to Roxanna.

The characters return to Zamatra. Close to the city they meet two priests of Zath who are heading in the same direction. The priests are Zior Valende and his acolyte Halith..

Marcel has invited the chieftains of the hillmen to his castle. He negotiates a truce with them and gives them magnificent gifts of weapons and armour. Roxanna follows Marcel’s instructions and impersonates the goddess. The hillmen are awed by the performance and the gifts given by Marcel and they agree to form a loose alliance with Zamora.

The staff is placed in the hands of the statue of Strelka, and the statues becomes a cult idol for the hillmen.

10. Shadow of Zamatra

Road between Shadizar and Zamatra and the City of Zamatra.

The characters decide to leave Shadizar and eventually end up in the city of Zamatra. During the journey they are attacked by a group of bountyhunters sent by Chailin. Somehow Chailin has managed to make a pact with princess Taramis and has been promised a great reward if he captures the thieves who dececrated the temple of Azoth. Four bountyhunters are no mach to fierce slayers like the characters, although they succeed to injure Fingal seriously with crossbow bolt. After this incident they finally reach the city of Zamatra.

At night the characters are strolling the streets. They happen to rescue a woman from the hands of a group of villains who turn out to be evil cultists of Golgor. The woman begs the characters to rescue her husband too. The husband has been captured and dragged into the Tower of Golgor. The tower is home to a man called the Prophet.

The tower, being the tallest building in the city, is easy to find. Fingal slays the guards (main obstacle was a stark naked raving berserker lunatic and his two-handed sword) and stealthily the characters enter the temple.

When they reach the second level they find the evil altar of Golgor and are confronted by the Sacrificer. He is the second in commad in this temple. The Sacrificer uses illusion spells and surprises the characters. But he is slain and hacked to pieces by Fingal. During the battle Roxanna is captured by the Prophet and dragged via secret staircase to the temple’s top floor.

After he has killed the Sacrificer, Fingal use some brute force and ingnorance and crushes the door leading to the upper levels. He sneaks into the Prophet’s room and surprises him with a broadsword cut that would easily kill a normal man. But the Prophet is not a normal man and is not that easy to kill. He is a man in league with dark forces and demons… His body is slain, but his malevolent spirit exits the corpse and flies through the window towards the Karpash Mountains. The spirit manifests itself as a purple colored vaguely human shaped mist.

From the lower most dungeon the characters find a man whom they were looking for and together they leave the evil tower.

Later it turns out, that the rescued woman was no other than Ninian, the daughter of the king of Zamatra. Also, the character learn that she was attempting to escape the city because she was going to be married to a man she loathed. The man whom the characters rescued, was Ninian’s true love, Charides and he is a knight in the king’s retinue.

With Ninian the characters soon find themselves in the castle where they meet king Xander Felishnar and his son prince Marcel (from adventure 7).

After some persuation by the characters, Xander allows Ninian to marry Charides. This decision enrages a nobleman called Cyril of Valende, Ninian’s bethrothed.

The reason why Marcel invited the characters to Zamatra is now revealed…

Marcel has in his library a tome called The Book of The Zhemri. In the book it is described in detail an ancient deity worshipped in this region during the times of the Zhemri kingdom. Marcel has been building a shrine for this deity. The book also has a picture of this deity’s idol and it bears a striking resemblance to Roxanna. And now Marcel wants to use Roxanna as a model for the statue that will be placed in the shrine.

Roxanna agrees to be the model for the idol and Fingal finds employment in the castle’s guard.

After a few weeks the coutryside is attacked by a great mass of hillmen. Marcel rides out with the local troops to stop the invaders. The opposing forces meet at dawn and a great battle is fought in the Haraan Pass.

The Zamatran shieldwall holds on and repels the furious charges of the barbarian horde. Fingal fights in the first rank and slays many enemies. Chaotic battle lasts many hours and the hillmen repeat their charge four times. Now, the Prophet of Golgor appears! He conjures the dark forces of the elements and the Zamatran cavalry, which is deployed to protect the right flank, is buried under an avalanche caused by his spell. Left without effective command, the Zamatrans rout. The army runs in panic towards the narrow pass and they are followed by the barbarians who happily kill scores of Zamorians. Only Fingal and few others standing close to him hold their positions and carry on fighting. Fingal and five exhausted warriors face twenty hillmen. Brutal battle brings victory to Fingal, and together with his valiant men, he retreats into the forest. Later, in the cover of darkness, he sneaks back into the battlefield. He loots some corpses and finds prince Marcel and another knight alive from the avalanche site. The prince is badly wounded.

Roxanna stayed at the castle. In the middle of the night she awakes to the sounds of battle! Small group of Nemedian mercenaries, lead by Julius (and hired by Cyril Valende), have infiltrated the castle using the old undergound tunnels. Surprised garrison is slaughtered and the castle is soon taken. Roxanna and Zara try to hide and find an escape route. They manage to knock out and kill two mercenaries. They are just about to escape the castle when their way is suddenly blocked by the Prophet of Golgor who uses his spells to immobilize them. Both are taken as prisoners.

At dawn Fingal, Marcel and the remaining five soldiers use mountain tracks to avoid the hillmen and find their way back to Zamatra. Upon their arrival, they see that the city is under attack. A massive force of barbarians have gathered in front of the northern gate and the bridge that goes over the canyon. The city’s garrison still holds on, though the situation looks desperate.

Marcel leads his men down the canyon wall, across the river and finally into the underground tunnels. From there they lauch an attack against the mercenaries. Guards at the lower level are killed before they can sound the alarm.

In the upper halls Marcel and his troops are cought between two different enemy units who are using the same hall as a rendevouz area before attacking the city garrison still holding the main gate. Within seconds Marcel’s men are attacked from all sides. Fingal takes the initiative and commands the men to throw their spears towards Julius, the enemy leader, and then form a shield wall. Julius is hit by two spears and he falls to the floor screaming and goughing blood. Rest of the mercenaries are defeated in a long and merciless hand to hand combat. The floor is littered with corpses and amputated heads and limbs, both Nemedian and Zamorian.

The prophet of Golgor is later tracked into the Tower and is slain by Roxanna in a underground, previously undiscovered section of the temple . Few surviving cultists escape and hide in the city. Some mercenaries who survived the battle at the castle are taken prisoners. They tell Marcel, that it was Cyril Valende who hired them to attack the castle in co-operation with the Prophet and his hillmen allies. Marcel swears to avenge this outrageous insult. Only the fact that Cyril’s brother (Zior) is a high ranking priest of Zath in Yezud stops Marcel from immediately riding into Cyril’s estate and cut off his head

Characters age one year.

9. The Cold Hand of Undeath

Zamora, City of Shadizar

Characters are preparing to leave Shadizar, but decide to visit the local temple of Derketo. At the temple they meet again the high priestess Zhelin. Kados (from adventure 5) is also visiting the temple and he is attacked by an assassin. Kados slays the assassin but is wounded by a poisoned dagger.

Characters and Zhelin hear the sounds of the struggle and find Kados laying on the floor. It is soon detected that he has been poisoned. The temple’s physician regocnises the poison but says the temple has no antidote for it.

Luckily, Zhelin’s brother Andor, is a alchemist of a sort. Zhelin asks the characters to hurry to her brother’s house to find out if he has some antidote that could be used to save Kados’ life.

When the characters enter Andor’s house, they are attacked by three thugs. The thugs fight frenziedly to the death and the shop is pretty much destroyed during the melee. Characters find their way to the upper floors of the house, and looking down from the balcony they see a robed and hooded figure preparing to kill Andor and some other man they do not recognice. In the middle of the room lays a Stygian sargophagi… with its lid open. On the floor are several corpses of thugs.

Before the characters can intervene, they are attacked by Shaitan, a many tentacled demon summoned earlier by the mysterious robe-clad figure. The demon grabs Roxanna with its bloodsucking appendices, while Fingal becomes victim to the hooded figure’s foul sorcery.

Suddenly the barbarian starts to levitate and his body is thrown several times by against the wall by some dark power conjured by the sorcerer. Badly injured he finally falls to the floor. He rises, grabs a weapon from a dead thug that lies nearby and attacks the sorcerer. The sorcerer’s next defence are two animated scimitars that Fingal must face and defeat before he can continue towards the sorcerer. At the same time Roxanna finally hits the demon’s body with her scimitar and they both fall crashing from the balcony.

In the chaos the sorcerer transforms into a whirlwind and disappears wrecking the entire floor. Soon characters notice that the unidentified man is also gone. Somehow he managed to sneak out during the combat… But Andor is present and the characters receive the antidote from him. They also learn that the thugs attacked the house in an attempt to steal some jewelled scrarab from the sargophagi. The leader of the thugs was Nhuzembar, a priest of Bel who, for some reason, believed he could use the scarab to see the true face of his god.

Feeling slightly confused the characters hurry back to the temple of Derketo and save the life of Kados. In the finale the temple is attacked by a score of thugs sent by Nhuzembar to retrieve the scarab, which he now believes to be in the possession of the characters. Furious and bloody battle is fought between the attackers and the temple guards who are supported by the characters. The attackers are all slain in a battle that turns the temple’s swimming pool area into a slaughterhouse.

Later characters learn, by studying the tomes in the temple library, that the sorcerer they met at Andor’s house was probably Thukhremes. A priest and sorcerer from the distant land of Stygia. Thukhremes once fough against the mighty Thoth-Amon… and lost. His loyal followers saved him from total destruction and his burnt and deformed body was hidden into a secret place. From this place, much much later, some greedy grave robbers dragged his sargophagi to Messantia. Finally Andor’s agent bought it and hauled it to Shadizar where Andor intended to sell it as some harmless curiousity to the highest bidder…

Was it the gods or the Providence that decided otherwise?

A poem by Robert E. Howard


The ghost kings are marching; the midnight knows their tread, From the distant, stealthy planets of the dim, unstable dead; There are whisperings on the night-winds and the shuddering stars have fled.

A ghostly trumpet echoes from a barren mountainhead; Through the fen the wandering witch-lights gleam like phantom arrows sped; There is silence in the valleys and the moon is rising red.

The ghost kings are marching down the ages’ dusty maze; The unseen feet are tramping through the moonlight’s pallid haze, Down the hollow clanging stairways of a million yesterdays.

The ghost kings are marching, where the vague moon-vapor creeps, While the night-wind to their coming, like a thund’rous herald sweeps; They are clad in ancient grandeur, but the world, unheeding, sleeps.

Robert E. Howard

8. The Blood of Bel-Hissar

Lady Karas holds a party while his husband is out of town and the characters are invited. Everything goes well until Bela-Hamrak, a sorcerer from the east, attacks the house with his henchmen. Nearly everybody in the house is killed by a single spell casted by the sorcerer. Characters are also almost killed or knocked out but recover in time to see the sorcerer, together with his henchmen (a sneaky little thief from Zamora and a giant metal-masked warrior from Hyperborea), preparing to leave the premises carrying their precious loot: The Bloodstone of Bel-Hissar. The characters hear the sorcerer talk about Kharam Akkad, the chief wizard of Makkalet, from whom Bela-Hamrak hopes the receive a king’s ransom as payment for what appears to be a magical jewel.

Fingal attacks, slaying the wizard (Bela’s blood pours on the jewel… ) and both henchmen. The hyperborean turns out to be a tough opponent. He swings his gigantic –sized ball and chain in an attempt to crush Fingal’s head. The barbarian dodges the deadly blows and with a mighty roar hits the opponent’s left upper arm. The cut almost amputates the arm and the hyperborean is now forced to use only his right arm. Since his mighty weapon is a two-handed weapon, he is now not only horribly wounded but seriously hindered also. Soon Fingal disembowels him and runs to catch the other henchman. Fingal catches him just outside the manor’s front door and kills him on the street while shocked bystanders watch helplessly. Impaled by two broadswords the thief dies in agony.

Characters stand triumphant but in the end fail to secure the jewel because in the aftermath the Bloodstone is snatched by Ajarharr, a Vendhyan rogue, who disguised as a snake charmer, had managed to infiltrate into the house. Ajarharr uses Zara as a hostage and forces Fingal to hand over the gem to him. Then the Vendhyan disappears laughing into the dark streets of Shadizar together with Lida (Milena’s serving girl and Ajarharr’s co-conspirator) . The characters swear to avenge this humiliation… Fingal loots the Hyperborean’s gigantic ball & chain weapon.

7. The Crown of Dagoth

Zamora, City of Shadizar, Year of the Serpent

Jalek, The Master Thief of Shadizar, contacts the characters. Together they device a plan to steal the legendary Crown of Dagoth from the royal castle.

New ambassador of Khitai has arrived, and king Tiridates wants to celeberate him with a mighty feast. Hundreds of people are invited. Roxanna contacts Chailin, the noble man for whom they worked previously and persuade him to take her with him to the feast. Fingal is admitted in after he has been recruited as a wandering gladiator.

The crown is only rarely taken from the royal treasury but now Taramis, the princess royal of Zamora, has decided to show off the wealth and splendour of the kingdom to the new ambassador. The crown is in the temple of Dagoth hanging on top of the Sleeping God’s statue. It is attached to a chain which in turn is set into the center point of the temple’s great dome.

Inside the castle characters mingle with the guests and meet Zhelin, the high priestess of Derketo and a rich merchant named Karas and his wife Milena. They also meet Marcel Felishnar, a rather excentric nobleman from a distant city of Zamatra. Marcel invites the characters to his city and castle. The reason behind the invitation remains obscure…

During the evening Fingal fights against men and beasts in the gladiator pit. Being victorious he soon joins the festifities.

Later, sneaking around and avoiding the guards, characters finally find their way into the temple of Dagoth. They see the statue of The Sleeping God from the second level balcony. The statue is wreathed in purple and green coloured smoke. The temple is made of white marble and decorated with huge mirrors and it reeks of evil.

Roxanna uses a rope and climbs down from the balcony. Daringly she steps on top of the Sleeping God and takes the jewelled crown. As she prepares to leave the main doors of the temple open suddenly and a ceremonial procession lead by Taramis herself enters the hall. Roxanna is seen (but not recognised, thanks to the smoke!) but she runs faster than the heavily armoured guards and gets to the rope. Fingal lifts her up. From the roof the characters disappear into the vast western garden and use a sewer to exit the palace.

Later the characters meet Jalek who leads them to a meeting with a person who wishes to buy the loot. The buyer introduces himself as Karanthes, a priest of Ibis.

Suddenly the characters are fabulously rich! They start to spend their hard earned money and buy weapons, beer, wine, camels and armours and gold decorated slippers, among other things.

Somehow they have a feeling they have now caught the attention of some dark power that will not forget the desecration of His statue…

6. The Tower of The Elephant

Zamora, City of Arenjun, Year of The Serpent

Having heard rumours of the magnificent tower of Yara, the high priest of Zath, the characters head towards Arenjun. Before entering the tower, they rob a Stygian caravan and come into possession of several doses of deadly poison.

The poison and cold scimitar steel are used to kill the guardians in the Yara’s garden. They climb the tower and are surprised by the giant spider that guards the highest level. The spider is killed and the characters enter the tower. Soon they meet Yag-Kosha, who recruits them to end Yara’s dominion over himself and Zamora. In the spectacular finale, Yag-Kosha vanguishes Yara, Tower of The Elephant collapses and the characters are left with only a small amount of loot.

  • Characters age one year
5. The Castle of The Devils

Zamora, City of Shadizar and regions to the north-east, Year of The Serpent

Lawlessness and recklessness leads the characters into prison. They are allowed to escape when they make a pact with Kados (who is a captain in the King’s Own) to assassinate certain baron Takkim. Baron Takkim has his own dreams of kingship and conquest and has illegally hired a large number of mercenaries. The baron is planning to make a surprise attack against Shadizar!

The characters sneak under false indentities inside the baron’s castle and complete a successful assassination. Roxanna loots the baron’s scimitar. But before they can escape, they must fight Promeno (the captain of the mercenaries) and his elite warriors. Promeno is horribly wounded but not killed… Leaderless mercenaries first loot and burn part of the castle and then retreat towards the Kezankian mountains.

During the operation characters are helped by Zara, who is Takkim’s daughter’s slave. Zara guides the characters into the underground tunnels and using these tunnels the characters sneak out of the castle and snatch a boat from the baron’s private dock and sail down the river towards Shadizar.

Takkim’s daughter, Valiana, inherits the estates and becomes an ally for the characters. Valiana frees Zara and she chooses to join the characters on their travels and adventurers.


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