The New Lords of The Zhemri

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1. Priest of Mitra

Zamora, Year of the Serpent

The characters, new to the kingdom of Zamora, are heading towards the fabled riches of Shadizar. Fingal is a barbarian warrior, presently from his homeland Cimmeria. Roxanna has just a few days ago escaped from slavery. She was kept in the castle of lord Munkha at the city of Samarra.

Enroute they stumble upon Khilias, a priest of Mitra (something that occurs only rarely in Zamora…), who has been attacked by slavers and who’s daughter, Alissa, was kidnapped. The character go for the rescue, track down and eliminate the slavers in a bloody battle at the slaver’s camp. The kidnapped daughter is returned to her home village.

2. Law and Order

Zamora, City of Shadizar, Year of the Serpent

As characters are walking in the streets of Shadizar they are suddenly, and apparently for no reason, arrested by the Watch. While being transported to the prison block they acquaintance Jalek. Jalek is a professional rogue and burglar who was also captured just recently.

When the prison-wagon arrives at the prison’s courtyard, the characters and Jalek are dragged out. At this moment a group of Jalek’s henchmen, armed with scimitars, assault the area and in the ensuing chaos characters and Jalek manage to break their way out of the courtyard. The group flee dodging arrows and spears, and hide in the narrow streets and back alleys of the city, with the Watch hot on their tails…

3. Night of The Gargoyle

Zamora, City of Shadizar, Year of The Serpent

Still hiding from the Watch the characters are loitering around in the Maul. They happen to hear a part of a conversation between baron Takkim and a woman named Arlinna. Arlinna is involved in the recent assassination of the Khitan ambassador and baron Takkim uses this to blackmail her. He forces Arlinna to disguise herself as lady Asqueth from Arenjun with the intention of stealing the Dragon Head of Koblar-Zhan from a Khitan merchant Lun-Faar.

Later the same day characters contact Arlinna and make a deal with her. Roxanna takes Arlinna’s place and enters Lun Faar’s shop. The loot will be divided equally. Unfortunately Lun Faar is not fooled by such a simple trick as a mere mundane disguise. Eventually the sorcerer and his pet Tavastri, the four armed devil of Vedhya, attack Roxanna. Fingal breaks through the window and joins the fray! During the battle a candelabra trips over and ignites the silk curtains, the sorcerer is killed by Roxanna who uses a statue of some obscure many-armed goddess as a missile. Immediately after that the four-armed creature is released from the sorcerer’s mental control. It retreats from the combat, spreads its wings and with a frightfull and inhuman scream rises into the night sky. While Lun-Far’s house burns to the ground the characters quickly loot what little they can before fleeing the scene. Later the characters meet a drunkard nobleman Chailin and are hired to do some bodyguard work for him. Pay is low and work is boring and soon they quit the job.

4. Tower of Sodatha

Zamora, City of Shadizar, Year of The Serpent

Characters are spending time and money gambling and drinking. Meanwhile Arlinna is captured by cultists who worship some obscure god called Sodatha. She is taken into the cult’s tower but the characters are determined to rescue her. They climb the tower and interrupt a rite in which Arlinna is about to be sacrificed. Battle is fought in the temple. Many cultists are killed, the high priestess is wounded. Then Sodatha, a gargantuan sized grey worm, emerges from the central pit of the tower! The angered god-worm starts to devour people at random. Shocked characters, together with Arlinna, run to the stairway and escape.

5. The Castle of The Devils

Zamora, City of Shadizar and regions to the north-east, Year of The Serpent

Lawlessness and recklessness leads the characters into prison. They are allowed to escape when they make a pact with Kados (who is a captain in the King’s Own) to assassinate certain baron Takkim. Baron Takkim has his own dreams of kingship and conquest and has illegally hired a large number of mercenaries. The baron is planning to make a surprise attack against Shadizar!

The characters sneak under false indentities inside the baron’s castle and complete a successful assassination. Roxanna loots the baron’s scimitar. But before they can escape, they must fight Promeno (the captain of the mercenaries) and his elite warriors. Promeno is horribly wounded but not killed… Leaderless mercenaries first loot and burn part of the castle and then retreat towards the Kezankian mountains.

During the operation characters are helped by Zara, who is Takkim’s daughter’s slave. Zara guides the characters into the underground tunnels and using these tunnels the characters sneak out of the castle and snatch a boat from the baron’s private dock and sail down the river towards Shadizar.

Takkim’s daughter, Valiana, inherits the estates and becomes an ally for the characters. Valiana frees Zara and she chooses to join the characters on their travels and adventurers.

6. The Tower of The Elephant

Zamora, City of Arenjun, Year of The Serpent

Having heard rumours of the magnificent tower of Yara, the high priest of Zath, the characters head towards Arenjun. Before entering the tower, they rob a Stygian caravan and come into possession of several doses of deadly poison.

The poison and cold scimitar steel are used to kill the guardians in the Yara’s garden. They climb the tower and are surprised by the giant spider that guards the highest level. The spider is killed and the characters enter the tower. Soon they meet Yag-Kosha, who recruits them to end Yara’s dominion over himself and Zamora. In the spectacular finale, Yag-Kosha vanguishes Yara, Tower of The Elephant collapses and the characters are left with only a small amount of loot.

  • Characters age one year
7. The Crown of Dagoth

Zamora, City of Shadizar, Year of the Serpent

Jalek, The Master Thief of Shadizar, contacts the characters. Together they device a plan to steal the legendary Crown of Dagoth from the royal castle.

New ambassador of Khitai has arrived, and king Tiridates wants to celeberate him with a mighty feast. Hundreds of people are invited. Roxanna contacts Chailin, the noble man for whom they worked previously and persuade him to take her with him to the feast. Fingal is admitted in after he has been recruited as a wandering gladiator.

The crown is only rarely taken from the royal treasury but now Taramis, the princess royal of Zamora, has decided to show off the wealth and splendour of the kingdom to the new ambassador. The crown is in the temple of Dagoth hanging on top of the Sleeping God’s statue. It is attached to a chain which in turn is set into the center point of the temple’s great dome.

Inside the castle characters mingle with the guests and meet Zhelin, the high priestess of Derketo and a rich merchant named Karas and his wife Milena. They also meet Marcel Felishnar, a rather excentric nobleman from a distant city of Zamatra. Marcel invites the characters to his city and castle. The reason behind the invitation remains obscure…

During the evening Fingal fights against men and beasts in the gladiator pit. Being victorious he soon joins the festifities.

Later, sneaking around and avoiding the guards, characters finally find their way into the temple of Dagoth. They see the statue of The Sleeping God from the second level balcony. The statue is wreathed in purple and green coloured smoke. The temple is made of white marble and decorated with huge mirrors and it reeks of evil.

Roxanna uses a rope and climbs down from the balcony. Daringly she steps on top of the Sleeping God and takes the jewelled crown. As she prepares to leave the main doors of the temple open suddenly and a ceremonial procession lead by Taramis herself enters the hall. Roxanna is seen (but not recognised, thanks to the smoke!) but she runs faster than the heavily armoured guards and gets to the rope. Fingal lifts her up. From the roof the characters disappear into the vast western garden and use a sewer to exit the palace.

Later the characters meet Jalek who leads them to a meeting with a person who wishes to buy the loot. The buyer introduces himself as Karanthes, a priest of Ibis.

Suddenly the characters are fabulously rich! They start to spend their hard earned money and buy weapons, beer, wine, camels and armours and gold decorated slippers, among other things.

Somehow they have a feeling they have now caught the attention of some dark power that will not forget the desecration of His statue…

8. The Blood of Bel-Hissar

Lady Karas holds a party while his husband is out of town and the characters are invited. Everything goes well until Bela-Hamrak, a sorcerer from the east, attacks the house with his henchmen. Nearly everybody in the house is killed by a single spell casted by the sorcerer. Characters are also almost killed or knocked out but recover in time to see the sorcerer, together with his henchmen (a sneaky little thief from Zamora and a giant metal-masked warrior from Hyperborea), preparing to leave the premises carrying their precious loot: The Bloodstone of Bel-Hissar. The characters hear the sorcerer talk about Kharam Akkad, the chief wizard of Makkalet, from whom Bela-Hamrak hopes the receive a king’s ransom as payment for what appears to be a magical jewel.

Fingal attacks, slaying the wizard (Bela’s blood pours on the jewel… ) and both henchmen. The hyperborean turns out to be a tough opponent. He swings his gigantic –sized ball and chain in an attempt to crush Fingal’s head. The barbarian dodges the deadly blows and with a mighty roar hits the opponent’s left upper arm. The cut almost amputates the arm and the hyperborean is now forced to use only his right arm. Since his mighty weapon is a two-handed weapon, he is now not only horribly wounded but seriously hindered also. Soon Fingal disembowels him and runs to catch the other henchman. Fingal catches him just outside the manor’s front door and kills him on the street while shocked bystanders watch helplessly. Impaled by two broadswords the thief dies in agony.

Characters stand triumphant but in the end fail to secure the jewel because in the aftermath the Bloodstone is snatched by Ajarharr, a Vendhyan rogue, who disguised as a snake charmer, had managed to infiltrate into the house. Ajarharr uses Zara as a hostage and forces Fingal to hand over the gem to him. Then the Vendhyan disappears laughing into the dark streets of Shadizar together with Lida (Milena’s serving girl and Ajarharr’s co-conspirator) . The characters swear to avenge this humiliation… Fingal loots the Hyperborean’s gigantic ball & chain weapon.

A poem by Robert E. Howard


The ghost kings are marching; the midnight knows their tread, From the distant, stealthy planets of the dim, unstable dead; There are whisperings on the night-winds and the shuddering stars have fled.

A ghostly trumpet echoes from a barren mountainhead; Through the fen the wandering witch-lights gleam like phantom arrows sped; There is silence in the valleys and the moon is rising red.

The ghost kings are marching down the ages’ dusty maze; The unseen feet are tramping through the moonlight’s pallid haze, Down the hollow clanging stairways of a million yesterdays.

The ghost kings are marching, where the vague moon-vapor creeps, While the night-wind to their coming, like a thund’rous herald sweeps; They are clad in ancient grandeur, but the world, unheeding, sleeps.

Robert E. Howard


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